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US Mexican War

US Mexican War

Shows how people on both sides (current historians and historical figures) felt about the war. Discusses the process of agreeing on the Treaty of Guadalupe ...

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The Mexican-American War in 5 Minutes

Soon after Mexico's Independence from its colonizer, Spain, it went to war with the U.S. This war would lead to the loss of the modern day states of California, ...

The U.S.-Mexico War: 1


The Mexican American War (1846-1848)

The Mexican–American War, also known as the Mexican War and in Mexico the American intervention in Mexico, was an armed conflict between the United ...

What Was the Mexican-American War? | History

America was ready to expand westward, even if it meant going to war. Learn how and why the Mexican-American War happened. Subscribe for more HISTORY: ...

The Mexican - American War: Every Week

War erupts between Mexico and the United States over the annexation of Texas in 1845. They dispute the western border of Texas and when the United States ...

APUSH Review: Mexican-American War

A quick review of everything you need to know about the Mexican-American War for the APUSH exam. Want to download the PowerPoint or fill-in-the-blanks ...

The Battle of Monterrey 1846 (animated battle map)

The Mexican–American War. - WARNING: lower the volume if you are using headphones. sorry for the audio. Credit- No copyright intended, all MUSIC rights go ...

The U.S.-Mexico War: 2


The Mexican American War in a nutshell


Mexican American War (1846-1848) Every Day

English: Texas, which became independent in 1836, and is still coveted by Mexico was annexed by the United States in 1846. The United States still in their ...

Alternate Future - The Second Mexican-American War


Mexican-American War 1846-1847 Animated Map


The Mexican American War

One of the most controversial conflicts in U.S. history, the Mexican-American War erupted as President James K. Polk sought to extend the borders of the nation .

First Look At Trump's US Mexico Border Wall

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The Truth About the Mexican American War

White folks actually believe they are from here, but if you have European ancestry then your from Europe, and have only came to America.

James K Polk and Mexican American War APUSH Review

Learn all about a very controversial war in American history- The Mexican American War. This lecture has everything- concern over slavery, Lincoln, Polkmania, ...

The Mexican American War


What if Texas Lost Their Revolution?

Texas is the Lone Star state, and it's revolution against Mexico spurred a conflict which gave America the West. So what would have happened had it lost the ...

First shots of the Mexican American War


Alternate History: Second Mexican-American war


Pawn Stars: US Mexican War Promissory Note (Season 12) | History

A gentleman stops by who'd like to pawn what he believes to be an authentic US government-administered promissory note from the Mexican-American War.

Why was Abraham Lincoln against the Mexican-American War?

The year was 1847, a newly elected Congressman named Abraham Lincoln from Illinois had just been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and within ...

The Mexican American War

The prelude to the next alternate history, a look at when Texas was it's own country and the US went to war over it.

Mexican-American War

Overview of the annexation of Texas, the Mexican-American War, the Bear Flag Revolt, and the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo.

Rare Photographs From The Mexican-American War: Part I

Photographs from the Mexican-American War (1846-1848): the first war to be documented by photography. Sources: http://www.library.yale.edu/beinecke/ ...


The best documentary about the 1846-1848 U.S.-Mexican WAR part 1.

The Mexican-American War (In Our Time)

Melvyn and guests discuss the 1846-48 conflict after which the United States of Mexico lost half its territory to the United States of America. The US gained land ...

Mexican American War


Manifest Destiny and the Mexican American War

On how Americans believed in Manifest Destiny and how they got themselves a nation from sea to shining sea; and how that impulse got them into the ...

Feature History - Texas Revolution

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The Mexican American War (US Mexican War)! A History Cartoon for School

Highlighting the major causes and effects of the United States war with Mexico in the 19th century. The US Mexican War or Mexican American War of 1846-1847 ...

U.S. - Mexican War

Brief review of the U.S. Mexican War (causes, events, and impacts)

Manifest Destiny and the Causes of the Mexican War

Objective: To examine Manifest Destiny and the start of the Mexican War. Key Terms and People: Manifest Destiny Election of 1844 James Polk Oregon Country ...

Unexpected Consequences: How the Mexican American War changed America

Unexpected Consequences: How the Mexican American War changed America - National History Day Entry.

Rare Photographs From The Mexican-American War: Part II

Rare Photograph From The Mexican-American War: Part II Some of these men might just be militia identified as Mexican-American War veterans as there is ...

The Mexican-American War (1846-1848)

The third presentation at the Teaching Military History Institute entitled \

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